About Us

Our Story:

We are building one of a kind nurturing ecosystem for learners using technology and human efforts.

We are trying to build mutually beneficial partnerships.By giving them that network we assist the learner to pursue their journey. We make it our best by not just providing mentors but all the resources which are required for their entire learning process from one milestone to the next, which helps them to unlock their hidden talent and can push them to be more creative.


Our vision is to make the world’s largest community of passionate learners who belong to the same interest and same mindsets along with the contributors who can together build a potential atmosphere and create a difference in society.

This is about the “mentors” who are empowered, motivated, and dares to change the world’s education by offering their skills and wisdom.

In simple words, a mentor is an experienced person and trusted advisor. We believe that in each phase of our lives we need someone to reach out. In the growing years, we seek relations to help us maintain a balance, for that Mentors help students to increase their academic and social confidence.

It is rightly said by someone that Education is not the amount of information that is put in the human brain, it must have man making, character making and life building assimilation of ideas then only through that education, something can be gained in the world.

How we work

Product Brief :

Digital Investo is a one-stop solution for personalized learning. Making learning experience fun, interactive, and engaging.

It is a user-Driven community for different kinds of learners. It is bridging the gap by giving them a flavor of the future of work that awaits them through live peer and expert interactions in the core domains of Entrepreneurship, Communication, Design, and Humanities, and many more. 

Problem Statement :

No platform with a diverse value offering at one single place- competitive exams, academic and skill-based courses.

Many students have a hard time looking for proper guidance in the crucial years due to communication and psychological barriers between the student and teacher.

Outdated teaching methodologies and techniques make learning tedious.

Also at the same time, students from rural/ poor educational backgrounds do not have access to quality resources for their career paths.

Target audience:

Technology friendly people :

  •       Students who are from different tier cities especially from tier II and III
  •       The working class who don’t have much time to find mentors and experts.

Needs :

Some learners are in the process of discovery and there are many still figuring out what they want to do in their life

Mentorsity gives a personalized path to reach goals providing career options as per personal interest

It encourages each one of them to immerse themselves in real-world learning experiences to acquire tools that will help them prepare for the future.

Solution :

The next generation of citizens will require not just strong academic skills, but also important future-ready skills such as leadership, empathy, curiosity, creativity, imagination, and resilience, among many others to succeed in life. At Digital Investo, each learner has the opportunity to discover all these elements.

We help learners to connect with mentors and teachers from anywhere in the world and provide them with a User-Driven Community of like-minded people, helping each other in the pursuit of getting better.

It is a full-fledged digital learning platform with a variety of diverse options to choose from which provides value through self-assessment.

We bring in New-age Mentors and Entrepreneurs to make learners future-ready. 

Rewards for their achievement as well which keeps students engaged.


We are having three models to monetize this platform

Mentorship Model

B2B Model

Learning model

Note:- Here the learning modules will not be in the form of simple video or text but it will be more like a game that includes puzzles, levels, and user credit along with graphics.

Road map:

Founder's Message

I believe that success follows those who follow their passion, however the environment around us isn’t always suited for nurturing our passions, keeping individuals from realizing their true potential. we always thrive become success and trying hard to get into what our passion is all about and how we can find it.

All these comes through our mind that how we think and react upon it to attain best possibility for our life.

Helping along with all these things we are creating worlds biggest nurturing ecosystem for learners in which they can interact, learn and earn at the same time with us.
Ensuring every learner can get presonalised and gamified pexperince theough us and able to connect with top companies leaders and executivces to learn and grow togeher.

Our journey so far.

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Our Core Team

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